"Detectives" & "The Fabulous Fantastic Finders"


"Detectives" - A deck of cards is spread to reveal two card with the pictures of famous detectives. The magician explains that he will show a "detective story". The spectator randomly touches a card and removes it from the pack. Acting as the detective's assistant and using the cards as a "lie detector", the magician asks a series of questions regarding the color, suit and value of the chosen card. The spectator is invited to either "lie or tell the truth". The spectator then selects a detective card and the magician uses this card to examine the suspect, examine the evidence, and then show the "lie detector results" which unmistakably show the color, suit and name of the selected card. The effect can be repeated immediately for another spectator. Retail Price $19.95, your price $15.95 plus S&H.

Comes complete with full color "Detective" cards, Full patter and instructions, Deck of poker size Bicycle cards plus a cassette tape containing the full instructions also with about 4 live performances so that you can hear how it sounds in performing. Easy to learn and extremely entertaining.

Fabulous Fantastic Finders

"The Fabulous Fantastic Finders" -The magician shows two Jacks wearing blindfolds. He has a spectator select a card (and sign it if he wishes) and return it to the deck. The magician then shuffles the cards and show that the chosen card is not on the top or bottom. Picking up the "Finder" Jacks and showing them individually, the magician places the two Jacks on top and has the spectator cut the deck to bury the "Finders" into the middle. When the deck is spread the signed card is found between the two "Finder" Jacks. What makes this trick is that it is done to rhyme with a poem included. This makes it entertaining to children who generally don't like card tricks. Retail Price $7.50, your price $6.00 plus S&H.

Comes complete with Aviator bridge size deck of cards including Jacks with Blindfolds, Instructions and complete patter poem.

Skills required are double lift and being able to control a card to the top of a shuffled deck.

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