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MAGICAL FUN has hundreds of other magic items so if you don't see anything suitable for your magic style simply send us an E-Mail message telling us something about the kind of magic you like, and we will be happy to E-Mail you back some suggested items, at GREAT PRICES for your consideration. Or for a complete product listing click on CATALOG INFORMATION.

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1) MIRACLE MAGIC BUBBLES - Reg. $12.50 Your Price $10.50
You have a jar of Wonder Bubbles from which you blow out some bubbles. You reach into the bubbles and catch a bubble that becomes "SOLID". If you do kid's shows this is a great item. PHOTO

2) DEVIL'S HANKY, DOUBLE POCKET - Reg. $12.00 Your Price $9.60
This is a very useful classic utility prop. It contains two hidden pockets rather than just one. It allow you not only to make vanishes, but changes as well. You can create a great number of effects with this useful tool. PHOTO

3) DESTINATION UNKNOWN #2 - Reg. $10.00 Your Price $8.50
The original DESTINATION UNKNOWN was a sell out. It was a mysterious mental prediction effect. You show 10 two color laminated cards with the names of ten cities on each side. Spectator is asked to select from the 100 cities one city that they would like to visit. He is told to touch the card, not the city. He is now told to pick up the cards, mix them, and lay them out on their other sides. Once again you ask them to find their chosen city and simply touch that card. You mysteriously reveal the name of the chosen city. You can do this over and over and any city can be chosen. There are no marks on the cards and everything can be examined. In the new version DESTINATION UNKNOWN #2 the spectator doesn`t have to touch the card with their city on it. Once they pick a city they simply turn that card over. You don't even have to be looking when they turn the card over. They find their city on the other side and again you instantly know the city they have chosen. Can be very strong mental magic. PHOTO

4) ULTIMATE VISIBLE EGG BAG - Reg. $12.00 Your Price $9.00
An egg is placed in a clear net front bag and instantly vanishes. The bag can be shown empty & then instantly the egg reappears. Complete with bag, egg & instructions. PHOTO

5) SILK BLOW WITHOUT RUBBER BANDS - Reg. $25.00 Your Price $20.00
This effect is where you push three silks one at a time into a clear tube and when you blow them into the air they are all mysteriously tied together. This version eliminates the method used previously that would sometimes fail. This version is much more reliable and is a great fooler. PHOTO

6) MAJESTIC NEEDLE THROUGH BALLOON - Reg. $6.00 Your Price $4.50
Pocket sized needle through balloon trick. The needle comes in a holder and requires no special preparation. Comes with 5 balloons and uses #4 dart balloons. PHOTO

7) COLOSSAL RING FREE - Reg. $6.50 Your Price $5.50
Simple ring off cord effect. Makes you look like you can do "Real Magic". Comes with ring, cord and full instructions. PHOTO

8) INCRED-CHIPS - Reg. $7.50 Your Price $6.00
Five different colored chips in black vinyl pouches are moved around while your back is turned. You know which chip the spectator selected. PHOTO

9) ZIPPER GAG BAG - Reg. $16.00 Your Price $12.00
This is a 5 color changing gag bag with several comedy routines. PHOTO

10) STAN'S SLUSH- Reg. $7.50 Your Price $5.65
The powder that solidifies liquid. Many imaginative uses. One of the best slushes on the market.

11) YOU MUST BE MISTAKEN - Reg. $5.00 Your Price $4.00
Four kings and one ace ( or whatever the cards may be ) become five aces. No sleights ! No difficult moves ! Self-contained ! Makes you look like a read pro.

12) JUMBO YOU MUST BE MISTAKEN - Reg. $6.50 Your Price $4.90
Same as above but uses Jumbo cards to present in a stand-up show. PHOTO

13) BEWILDERED - Reg. $6.00 Your Price $4.50
As you go through the cards the spectator tells you when to stop. When they stop you the Jumbo Card in the envelope matches the card they stopped you at. Clever and Easy. PHOTO

14) MAGIC CATALOG - $15.00 Special Sale $12.50 (you get a $5 credit off your first magic purchase)
The MAGIC CATALOG contains over 1,400 items with something for everyone no matter what their level of interest and ability. Information and props for Magicians, Mimes, Jugglers, Clowns, and just silly stuff. Just a small sample listing of types of items include: books, change bags, balloons, boxes, ropes, silks, money, pans, pins, puppets, sponges, tube and wands. All available at 10% to 25% DISCOUNTS from the real prices.

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