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"Lazy Magic"

My "Lazy Magic" Lecture is a very unique magic lecture.

The lecture is structured into 3 different areas:

1) My "Lazy Magic" Philosophy and "Performance Guidelines" which allow magicians to take the magic which they already know, and make it more entertaining. In this section the audience learns to apply my philosophy in choosing what new skills to learn and by application of my Performance Guidelines how, by making small changes in how they present the tricks they already know, they can magnify the entertainment value and increase the audiences response.

2) The second area of the lecture contains performances of two of my complete audience proven restaurant routines. Each trick is carefully explained and shown how it fits into the philosophy and performance guidelines. I offer for sale my tricks "DETECTIVES" and "THE FABULOUS FANTASTIC FINDERS", as well as Lecture Notes that are really lecture notes.

3)The final part of the lecture is a through discussion about the real "Nuts & Bolts" of the business of Restaurant Magic. This includes such things as:

a) How to contact the restaurant,

b) What kind of proposal to make,

c) How much to charge,

d) What about Tips,

e) How to integrate with the service personnel,

f) What about hecklers

In summary, this lecture has something for everyone, no matter what their level of performance skill and interest.

My lecture has been presented to rave reviews in places as far distant as: Baltimore, MD, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Chicago, IL (at Jay Marshall's shop), Honolulu, Hawaii, Limerick and Dublin, Ireland. Here are just some partial comments from clubs that have booked my lecture: (The first two below are my most recent lectures in Ireland in September 2004):

"Dear Laurence,
Just a few lines to let you know how much we all enjoyed our evening with you at the Southcourt Hotel, Limerick last September. It was a truly magical and entertaining experience for all our members who attended.

Many thanks for being with us on the night and for sharing, so generously
with us, your specific style of magic. All our members were in awe of your restaurant table set up, with the Andrews Family at the top table, as this was really unique.
If you ever plan to visit Ireland again you would receive a "cead mile failte", l00,000 welcomes.
Yours in magic"

Terence Andrews Chairman-Munster Society Of Magicians - Limerick, IRELAND.

"Dear Laurence:

Just wanted to send you a huge thank you from all the members of the Mystic Circle for a wonderful evenings entertainment.

The feedback from the group was all about how enjoyable the lecture was and about how your approach to performing magic has helped them re-examine their own existing routines in order to make them more entertaining and enjoyable for their audiences.

More than a few members commented about the quality of your lecture notes, which are so often not much more than a few photocopied sheets stapled together.

On behalf of the Mystic Circle Council I would like to thank you for all your energy in presenting what was a thoroughly commercial, and practical lecture full of helpful tips for all present whether they were working pros or the magic enthusiast.

I would wholeheartedly recommended your lecture to any other magic club, and if you are ever travelling in Europe again please get in touch as you would be most welcome in Dublin for a return visit

Sincerely yours,"
Ruairi O Connor
Mystic Circle of Magicians

"Saturday Night's Club Meeting focused on Restaurant Magic. From just about every vantage point the evening was terrific - perhaps our best yet! Laurence "Nothing Up My Sleeve" Levy lectured to and performed for a SRO crowd. His tips, techniques and ideas are invaluable for those wanting to break into the Restaurant performing field. His lecture proved that one doesn't have to master sleight-of-hand techniques in order to entertain, enjoy performing, and be successful." Paul's Podium, Yogi Magic Club

"I wanted to write and tell you how much we all enjoyed your "Lazy Magic" Lecture. The magicians I've talked to all felt that the lecture was both interesting and fun. More than one of them commented how they have been using either your tips, or philosophy to change what they had been doing, and how they felt their magic was made much more entertaining. Your section on "Performance Tips" was very useful to me and I have changed a couple of things as a result. In sum, your promise of "something for everyone who attends" was more than realized. I also wanted to tell you how much fun I've been having with your trick Detectives. It's great! I will be happy to recommend your lecture to other groups and hope you will feel free to use my name as a personal or professional reference." Mr. Norm Reiss, President, Vancouver Magic Circle

At every lecture I am very interested in getting feedback to help improve the lecture, so I pass out a short questionnaire for the attendees to complete and turn in. Here are some comments from just a few of the people:

Question I asked: What I liked most about the lecture was........................................

A few of the answers:
  1. Detectives and the philosophy on Lazy Magic. Very entertaining. Can't understand why I haven't heard of you before.
  2. How to deal with people
  3. .
  4. The response from the audience was great. The presentation was interesting and helpful. I liked the fact that you asked for questions and answered them.
  5. The magicians style and approach to entertaining. It was a pleasure to be here tonight.
  6. Clean language, good presentation, simple to understand, entertaining.
  7. The insights into your type of magic.
  8. Excellent discussion of Restaurant Magic.
  9. Very good practical lecture to help in getting a restaurant job, or to at least know what to expect if you find yourself starting one.
  10. The helpful hints for routines and tricks. Also ideas for presentation.
  11. Simple concepts. Loads of theory. Lot's of performance. Some pieces are going straight into my act.
  12. The methodology behind the tricks. Makes a nice change from just trick after trick.
  13. Your personality shines. Where have you been?
  14. Good practical advise.
  15. Easy to listen. Very interesting.
  16. The personal touch and clear and concise explanations. Excellent!
  17. Your obvious love and energy for performing for people.
  18. A real & first rate lecture. A breath of fresh air to magic.
  19. The idea of people doing the magic was great. Thank you for an entertaining evening.

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